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Ben Hyatt is the kindest most sweetest of all people you could ever hope to meet, and he will never give you up, let you down, run around or desert you. He will only make you cry out of pure joy and happiness, he never will say goodbye, he will never tell a lie and hurt you. He is the man most worth your undivided time and attention, but you will always be glad to share it with him nonetheless.

Ben Hyatt has the most bootylicious butt ever, no word of a lie, it is soft to the touch and amazing to look at and feel.
Ben Hyatt is the most kissable, squishable, cuddly, bubbly, sweetest, most perfect person to ever have the pleasure to know, cherish him as much as possible and treat him with nothing but kindness and respect. He gives the best hugs and the best kisses and cuddles, it's hard to not stay with him in the embraces forever but there is always another time to look forward to seeing him. Ben Hyatt is perfect, there is no debate on that and never will there be.
Ben Hyatt is still the most flawless ever
by Myhandleonthings138 November 12, 2014
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Ben Hyatt is the most perfect person in the entire universe. He can make you smile just from saying the smallest things, or making faces. He can make you blush insanely and giggle and jam your face into your pillow in excitement and squeal as loud as possible. He has the most amazing eyes, vibrant and outstanding , you will never want to turn your gaze away. His hair is a magnificent dark brown and flows nicely in the wind. His voice is the most charming and soothing sound to exist and be known to the human ear, and you're lucky if he speaks to you. Everyone wants his attention, but they are too shy to even dare ask for it. His face is perfectly composed of the most beautiful, handsome and ravishing features, it's the hardest thing to not squish it all day and night and want to look upon it for eternity. I can. His body is so lovely, every guy would wish to be so lucky as to have it, alas, only Ben Hyatt could have a body so perfect and so flawlessly framed.
His words flow smoothly into your ears and they will forever stay in your heart, he speaks nothing but the most beautiful words, weaving in and out of sentences. Being in his presence is like being with a God. You could be with him, be on the phone with him and not have him utter a single word, and you will still fall hopelessly and endlessly more in love with him as each second draws it's end. But each second with him, and knowing that such a charming and godly person exists is a second worth living.
"He must be Ben Hyatt, he's totally the most rad and perfect being alive"
by Myhandleonthings138 November 12, 2014
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