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A teenager, usually around the age of 14, that is an absolute wannabe for just about everything. A true Ben Carter will act as if he made up all the fashionable trends and try and hang with the cool kids. A legitimate Ben Carter is not a person that would ever ever, under any circumstances, want to be friends with.
Oh, my god!!! That kid in my English class is an absolute retard, he is such a Ben Carter, keep clear of him he is so immature!
by nate02 September 07, 2016
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A Chelsea FC fan who regularly masturbates to match of the day and openly admits he would give John Terry a rimjob if given the opportunity.
Jacob : Ey rossi wanna go down the boozer for a few pints?

Rossi: Nah mate, Chelsea are on and there will be a load of Ben Carters down there.
by El Boy January 25, 2011
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