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Such a close hug that there is almost total belly contact. Takes place most likely in bed, with your significant other.
Can't we just lay on bed and bellyhug for an indefinite amount of time, Teun?

Yes, Mila. I'd very much like to.
by cookiefaced August 19, 2016
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When three or more men perform a group hug so that their beer guts are touching, it's a belly hug.
person #1 and #2: "Group hug!"
person #3: (... more like a belly hug.)
person #4: (It's dark in here.)
by snlr December 06, 2009
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a hug while giving a blow job
Can I have a belly hug?

What's a belly hug?

It's a hug from here
Motions to penis with hand
by clk723 February 10, 2008
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