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Bellumium is the 223rd element in the periodic table. It has 223 protons, and 344 nuetrons, giving it an atomic mass off 567amu. It is the third liquid of the table, joining Bromine and Mercury. Bellumium is the purple liquid that Bellum, the evil life force-sucking squid in the game Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, floats around in, spits at people, and that foams out of his mouth.

Bellumium in large quantities has the abillity to turn into moving eye stalks that attack you.

To much exposure to this element can cause Bellum AIDS, which makes you crave root beer, want to talk in a British accent, and more.
Bellumium is very dense and sticky, and is what they use to make ductape, Mighy Putty and Epoxy. Very low amounts is used to make regular tape, and Bellumium will cause your Shamwow to stop working
bellum bellum AIDS Periodic table mighty putty ductape epoxy Bellumium
by orange_zilla October 20, 2010
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