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a girl who got popular for shaking her head smh
moves head left to right

bella poarch
by rareiguess September 23, 2020
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A famous Tik Tok celebrity that grew massively on Tik Tok by nodding and making faces whilst nodding. She is highly prized among simps (People who obsess over a lady that they know can't get) therefore making her very famous as the simp community is a very big community. Her biggest video is her nodding her head to the song M to the B.
Stephen - Hey have you seen Bella poarch! She's so pretty I want her to be my girlfriend so maybe I have to pay her to do that.
Farzad - I am a chad and chads like me don't need a girlfriend.
by JeroM_EYYYYTheBois October 20, 2020
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A famous Tik Toker, who got famous for vibing to M to the B and has the most liked video on Tik Tok. She is also a singer and a major alpaca fan and was once in the Navy.
Bella Poarch is a Tik Toker.
by Usagi_UwU November 9, 2020
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Some girl on tiktok who bops her head and acts like a child. She recently made her debut single "build a bitch" which has 76 views. In my opinion this song's concept was good, but the song itself was a meh. She was singing the same dam line for the whole song.

I believe other artists deserved this more.
People also came into conclusion that bella poarch was then next malenie martinez, billie eilish, bla bla bla, etc. When she's really not. Melanie and Billie worked for their fame and Bella only bopped her head to gain fame.
Billie Eilish is at the peak of her career, so no one can top her.
Bella Poarch seems like a one hit wonder, as for as I know.
Mary: Who's Melanie Martinez from Wish?
Chloe: Bella Poarch
by uarefads May 21, 2021
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A girl who bobbed her head and became famous with over 40 million followers
Bella Poarch -"M To the Bee M to the Bee, M-M-M-M to the bee"
*Boom Famous*
by ᴇ ᴜ ᴘ ʜ ᴏ ʀ ɪ ᴄ 7 November 23, 2020
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Who is Bella poarch? Bella is a 🤡 that just nods her head in videos. She passed Zoe Laverne almost passing avani. Zoe Laverne have been here since musically, avani has amazing talent by doing makeup and she doesn’t get enough likes or follows. Bella poarch has gained many followers, for just nodding her head.
Person 1: Who is Bella poarch?
Person 2: A dumbass that doesn’t deserve followers
Person 3:She’s a total clown.
by Sunshine..addibear (TIKTOK) September 19, 2020
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A grown ass tiktoker from the navy who tries her best to look like a 10 year old to get Sushibae and the rest of her millions of followers with pedophilic tendencies a boner, cries over someone saying they want to drop a haymaker on her, and does so little it makes it seem like Charli Damelio has talent.
Person 1:Hey you know Bella Poarch?
Person 2: Oh yeah that tiktoker with no talent?
Person 1:Yeah her!
by CockSucker29 September 15, 2020
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