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A girl who is a neocat, and walks in the 3rd community. She is type cool, and likes hats. She funny, smart-ish, and nice. Also "beautiful lookin" Belem is someoone to be nice to.....And her brother next in line is very handsome,
AYOOOOO, Belem commin to prep?

Where Belem?.........She over there with Benji
by a14w7qt569q6e0w January 15, 2017
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Where Houlio Barros of Oxford was born, he is now in a correctional facility as he violated immigration policies. Belem is wher people who get caught and get thrown into prison for immigration violation are called.
The freshy is in jail man!

OMD, so he is a Belem?

yeah man, dayme!
by jewish president June 25, 2009
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