Someome that is constantly acting like an asshole when unnecessary.
Me: you look nice today
Them: you don't, have you ever heard of a hair brush
Me: ugh you are being a dick
by Boi_itsmendes July 13, 2019
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conducting oneself in an inappropriate manner to the annoyance of others.
Intentionally driving a dump truck in a reckless manner is being a dick.
by Language Patrol September 19, 2013
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A term that referred to someone being an asshole
Do I really need to explain how to use the term being a dick
by IduckingH8U January 14, 2019
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being the dick is dutch for being de lul meaning dick ...that means ure in deep deep trouble ! ure not only being a dick no ure the dick and if not now ure gonna be one dutch evrything u do u are being doing and everything u are u are also being so like: i am being standing here...or i am being running away...dutch also so say also allot and also when they introduce themselfes it goes something like this...high i am being siske de rat...ik ben out...peace!
he is so gonna be the dick now...
remember that one time u was being the dick

in dutch: je was echt de lul...
by barbello January 18, 2019
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