Used in the Irish counties of Kerry and Cork to mean:
''Holy mother of God''
and such like.
Man 1: She's a fine looking filly
Man 2: Begorrah, she is!
by Jamachine November 18, 2006
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An Irish slang term meaning "Sure and by God."
Sure and begorrah, 'tis a grand day to be alive!
by The REAL 2wingo December 24, 2009
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A majorly boggerish irish term. It's used as a reaction to surprising news or dreadful news etc. Meaning "By Jesus!" or "By dad!".
"Hey did ya hear Mary down tha road lost a couple 'o sheep to the shtorm?"

"Arah begorrah! Poor woman!"
by Secksasaurus September 17, 2009
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