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That one guy that's always a couple drinks ahead of everyone else, no matter where you are.
Person 1 - Dude look at John, it's only 5 and he's already trashed.

Person 2 - 50 bucks says he'll be passed out by 7.

Person 1 - You're on, god he's such a beerleader.
by ithinkhillaryisanazi August 11, 2008
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typified as a hyperactive beta-male who seeks pleasure by promoting alcohol abuse at fraternity parties. In the presence of a beer leader, ones ability to consume everclear, slam beer bongs, and do multi-minute keg stands is exponentially increased. Sometimes to life threatening limits. Beer leaders capitalize on an extensive lexicon of degrading words and emasculating gestures in order to gain others compliance into drinking more than they cared to.
Beer leader: Dude, lets do keg stands!!

party guy: naw i'm set bro

Beer leader: common pussy! that guy over there said you chug cock! you not a cock chugger are you?

party guy: screw him! who wants to see the worlds longest keg stand!!
by bi-polar bear October 05, 2008
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A beerleader is someone who comes to support a game or a team with the sole purpose of having a beer, rather than actually watching the game.
I'm coming to support you guys tonight, I will cheer you on as long as there is beer, as I am a beerleader, not a cheerleader.
I swear, he only comes to watch us so he can have a beer, he is definitely a beerleader.
What was the score? I drank too much I didn't see what happened! I'm such a beerleader.
by Skillage09 September 02, 2013
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