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The Beer30 Derby may be the biggest event of the year for serious beer drinking enthusiasts, it’s been surpassed by no other. It remains the most significant and popular case race for casual fans and the mainstream public. Known as ‘The Scuttle before the 7/11 Shuttle’, the Derby is held annually on the first weekend in May at Columbus' venerable Blurchill Downs on 122 East 11th, beneath the iconic “Great Wooden Causeway”. It is... also a big social event in the region and the live attendance at the Beer30 Derby surpasses that of any other major Beer race in the United States. The Beer30 Derby is one of the oldest major case races in the sport and is the first leg of case racing’s ‘Triple Crown’.

The rules are as follows: One case of Beer 30 light (30 beers) will be consumed by teams of 3. These teams must have at least 1 girl on it. Anyone not drinking Beer 30 light (or Beer 30 ice if you want to be a true legend) will be disqualified. First team to have finished their entire case will be the winners.
The last man to attempt the Beer30 Derby by himself, ended up wearing his pants for a shirt.
by The Devil in Devil's 3way April 27, 2011
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