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1. Exclamation to be spoken while drinking beer and driving on a dirt road when coming to a pothole or bump. This allows the passengers to lift and hold their beers steady to avoid spillage.
2. Refrigerator. Especially a kegerator or fridge used exclusively for storing beer.
3. Locked refrigerator. Usually to keep roommates and visitors out of your beer stash.
4. Belly. Or beer belly.
1. "Beer safe! Bump coming up!"
2. "As long as you're up, pull me a cold one from the beer safe"
3. "Hey, can I have a beer? WTF! Why is the fridge locked?" "That's the beer safe. I'm tired of everyone drinking my beer, and never buying any."

4. "Let me put that beer somewhere warm, dark, and safe. Like my beer safe."
by jbszee September 12, 2015
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1. Belly. As in a safe place to store my beer.
2. Locked refrigerator. A safe place to store my beer, away from grubbing roommates, etc.
3. The exclamation shouted by the driver when nearing a pothole, rut, or cattle guard. This allows the occupants of the vehicle adequate warning to secure their beers, hold them gently aloft, or otherwise avoid spillage.

4. The exclamation by the driver when entering a dirt road, alerting occupants of the vehicle that it is now safe to open their beers.
1. "That beer looks lonely. I'm going to put it into my beer safe."
2. "I'm tired of my roommates always drinking my beers, so I got a lock for my beer safe."
3. "Beer safe!" "Thanks dude. I hate spilling my beers going over those potholes. They really should fix those."
4. "Beer safe!" "Kssssh"
by jbszee October 26, 2015
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