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A mythical fairly like creature that can not been seen by human eyes.

It is said to thrive and lay eggs in areas where there is an alcohol concentration between four and five percent.

Often mistaken as a fruit fly

Used as an excuse by gay chefs to explain why beer has gone missing
Jermaine: Yo Ange mate what happened to my pint it was full when I left

Andrew: Fuck knows mate it's those god dam beer flies again (while wiping his lips after sipping the beer)

Jermaine : God damn you Beer Fly!!!
by FunkiestCoffee July 13, 2010
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Small insects more commonly known as fruit flies.
The word is from the dutch word 'Biervliegje' wich is commonly used by the dutch to describe the insects who have a taste for alcoholic beverages,especially fruit flies.
Fruit flies have a taste for rotting fruit and in nature the smell of alcohol is like hitting the jackpot for creatures who live of rotting fruits.
The beerfly is any flying insect that can and will land in your fresh pint.
But most of all they will do it over and over again if given the chance!
by Picobyte August 25, 2009
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