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A Beefy Chaos is an epic sex maneuver that begins when a man goes to a club with his pants stuffed with slabs of raw meat. He then picks up a sweet babe and convinces her to go home with him.

After ten minutes of dry humping, the female will begin to think that the squishy lump fornicating her asscheeks is merely the young stud's impressively huge, yet unerect phallus.

As the male continues to kiss the female gently on the cheeks, the female seeks to engage the full potential of the schlong. The female unbuttons his pants and... Surprise! It's a Beefy Chaos!
Girl 1: I got Beefy Chaosed again last night.
Girl 2: Again? Wtf!
Girl 1: Good thing I'm vegan.
Girl 2: Ain't that the truth, high five!
by Hollywood Halk August 10, 2008
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