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Traditional Greek Meatloaf Burgers
The Urban Dictionary’s Guide to making a Traditional Greek Dish.

Get yo ass a couple pounds of lean ground beef and put it in a large mixin bowl.
Crack open three eggs and drip em on that meat.
Shake, rattle, and roll a bunch uh bread crumbs up in that.
Crank open a can of tomato sauce an drizzle it all over.
You drankin red wine outta a box? Pour your glass in the bowl.
Take out yo shiv and start slicin up a couple onions son.
Guess where those onions be going. In the bowl muthufucka.
Pull out you bag o green- naw n***a I meant the oregano.
Sprinkle it on like some primo kief!
Now time for some S&P. That’s salt and peppa for yall ignorants out there.
Don’t skimp on the salt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now pull out the red pepper. Like Frank’s Hot Sauce I put that shit on everything.
At this point you might have to go to the store… cuz you don’t got no feta and olive oil. Not my bad.
Those be the key ingredients- a whole lotta feta. Got it? Good. Toss it in the bowl.
Now it’s time to get yo hands dirty. Start squeezing all that goodness like you makin love to it.
Mix it up mix it up mix it up!
Patty cake, patty cake (STFU)… put them patties on a tray cause they’re goin 'way to the flame.
Slather that grill up with spray oil, we don’t want no sticky business goins on.
Fire that shit up at 350 and flip dem three times cookin a whole 16 min.
Serve em up hot and pour on the lemon juice. You just made Beefteki: Greek Meatloaf Burgers.
by Jason AliasPseudonmy June 19, 2013
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