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A plump fat male cat that has sex on his mind. Usually found eating beef or kibbles in the kitchen but quickly dispurses when humans try to make contact with him. Can also be called Mr. Beefcat or Beefchops

search Neam
Man after i came home from a hard day of work I walked in the door and found my Beefcat jizzing profusely on my couch, when we made eye contact he ran for cover knowing that his cover was blown...
by Mr. Neam December 02, 2009
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a female who eats more than the recommended daily calorie intake; to pig out; preferably someone who is overweight
You ate a whole cake to yourself? Damn, yous a beefcat!
Ohhhh dang, she's beefcattin' it up!!
by FiLTHSLUG February 17, 2011
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