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With an uncircumcised penis, you have anal sex with a nasty street whore. After you pull out there is shit and corn in the fore skin
After drilling that bitch in the ass, I pulled out and had shit and corn in my turtleneck, it looked like a beef taquito.
by souperpig December 22, 2008
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When a man or she-male with an uncircumcised penis has anal sex with a woman who is dirty, and nasty. After a few thrusts you pull out you penis and; you have a Beef Taquito which is when your penis has corn and other un-digested food particles on the foreskin from your partner's anal cavity.
Cole: Man last night I was fuckin' this nasty girl, when I finished, my dick looked like a Beef Taquito.

Andrew: A Beef Taquito?, dude you should never tell that story, that's fuckin' nasty!!!
by JulianaBenton December 26, 2008
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