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Bedricing, invented of the Scottish Isle of Mull in April 2011, is the action of a male poking the right boobie of a female with his index finger in a swift, yet concise motion.

In order for a 'bedrice' to be succesful, the given female must fully accept the action and not react in a violent manner, whilst the male must succesfully claim to have bedriced her and announce it to any given audience.

The word 'bedricing' is not currently an acceptable word to use in Scrabble or the Scrabble App for the iPhone.
"I saw Toby last night"

"Really, how was he?"

"Fine, he spent the whole night bedricing that Imogen girl he's been seeing"

Nick bedriced Paula.

Man, if that chick is sat in a prime bedricing position.
by Julian Ng April 27, 2011
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