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Becktard- A person that lacks common sense and education who believes that Glen Beck's thoughts and words are just below that of the holy gospel and they must belive and do as they are told. They have no problem with making him rich by purchasing his books and attending his lectures while they live off of hotdogs and beans.Like Jim Jones If Beck offered them kool-aid they would drink it quickly and smile. They waste their time listening to him on radio and watching his TV show followed by passing his words onto others not knowing that normal people laugh at them because of the stupitidy they show.
by wolf1958 June 24, 2010
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This person, usually female, insists on being obnoxious in public places; and frequently travels in company of other idiots. Frequently intoxicated, the becktard is quick to engage in sexual activity for the acceptance of members of the opposite gender. In addition, the Becktard will usually forget about those that s/he once had relationships with.
I was at this party last night, and there was this total becktard. She put out like crazy!
by Columbus1492 August 12, 2007
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Person, normally female, who doesn't care about the view of the public eye, yet establishes a level of coolness to individual people. Crowds find him or her strange, while delighting in ther odd presence all the same. Symptoms of becktardation include, but are not limited to: skipping/singing/screaming at seemingly socially inappropriate times and places, finding the simplest things very amusing for reasons unbeknownst, extreme talkativity and randomness, and sudden streams of incoherrent philosophic genius.
Look at her eating her lunch on top of the Pepsi machine! She is such a becktard.
by Dirk Snel January 18, 2006
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