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the creepiest, ugliest, smelliest, grossest, gayest, wierdest, tall-hairiest child molesting faggot that the world has ever seen. Urban legends in germany indicate that the Beckgina is a ferocious creature with extra tall hair and highly advanced mouthcupping abilities. In some versions of the tale, the Beckgina can use its tall dumb hair to attack and catch small, helpless, German children. Authorities all around the world are trying to find a way to stop this beckgina menace before the world's child population goes down by 50%. Currently, beckgina attacks have accounted for about 1000000000000000 child molestations, rapes, and killings.
Mother: Oh my GOD its BECKGINA get the kids in the house!!!
kid: mommy im scared its sooo ugly!!!
by beckginahunter69 September 03, 2008
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1. One who is ugly and smelly.
2. A creep that you just want to humiliate.
3. A very distinct gross person.
Man 1: Oh hey guys.
Man 2: Get out of here you Beckgina, Your ugly!
Man 1: I hate you guys
by yayayayayay May 18, 2008
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