International code for "nice tits love." Often used by greasy Europeans attempting to pull unsuspecting young ladies trying to enjoy a holiday in peace.
Greasy Europen, whilst staring at chest of lovely young maiden says "you have ze beautiful eyes."
by Poppet February 11, 2005
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Beautiful eyes is what people say to babies to get them to open and close their eyes, flashing their eyelids. Justin Recio is known for being the famous "beautiful eyes" guy since his picture was posted on the blogging site Tumblr by My. The picture was of him closing his eyelids and showing off his eyelashes.
Beautiful Eyes! "baby flaunts her/his eyelashes around.
by qmr July 17, 2010
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Beauty eyes are when u are fucking your girl so hard that her beauty eyes are rolling
Man1:hey where you yestarday?

Man2: man I was fucking my girl so hard her beauty eyes was coming out
by RunningWithScissor December 26, 2019
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The act of tickling your partner’s anus with your eyelashes.
Girl: I love it when you do the beautiful eyes to me with your long luscious eyelashes, it’s so orgasmic.
Dude: I’m fine with it as long as you don’t yell JAKARTA while I do it.
by Jonnyhone July 31, 2019
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The phenomenon whereby a woman becomes more beautiful when seen from the top position in missionary sex. It might be from lust, or perhaps it's just gravity smoothing her face.
When she closed her eyes and moaned, bird's eye beauty kicked in and propelled me over the top.
by Dewopps January 17, 2012
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