A person (a 'pig') or group of persons (called a 'boyse'), who (on completion of studies at St Bede's College, usually around Year 10) have taken up such apprenticeships as plumbing, brick-laying or anything similar.
They believe above anything else that they are God's gift to women, and unashamedly announce their self-proclaimed wealth (existant or not) to anyone they think they are better than.
Someone that is not your friend, but is believed to be a friend of one of your friends can be referred to as "your pig".
The Beaumaris Pig enjoys social occasions and celebrates the end of the night by ritually vomiting over someones car (generally the driver's side door handle). Obviously they see that no apology is necessary as such renegade actions are expected of a 'pig'.
A 'pig' will attempt to start a fight with anyone or anything and in one particular case, used someone washing their car as a cue to call the 'boyse' because they weren't 'thinking of the bushfires'.
They refer to persons from the capital of New South Wales as 'Sydney cunts', and although the majority of people around Australia have greater intelligence than the 'pig', a 'pig' (in front of his 'boyse') will never admit defeat.
by givemefacetime February 25, 2009
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