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This unfortunate happening is the only way to clense ones soul and is completely necessary, Completely necessary!

Beatifucation is performed when someone who has evidently been mistreated and not been educated as a child, When there mind is obscured by evil thoughts and ideas. When the subject person does not enjoy the sounds of the great band *The Beatles...Yes does NOT like The Beatles.

Some one who does not enjoy and fantasize about the Beatles must be so pourly educated they might not even understand what is going on round them. The Target person will think they are doing nothing wrong, but infact are commiting a Epark Sin. So trying to make them understand what there doing is against the laws of nature is very tricky. This is were Beatifucation must be aplied.

To perform Beatifucation you must gather up all of your mates(Bros,Hommies and Chums are also acceptable) and Do everything in your combined power to cast out the demon of good musical taste that is filling your friend's mind with Shit and Evil thoughts.

Ancient Methods of Beatifucation include:
1. Constantly playing Beatles songs when ever the offender is near.

2. When ever the person atemps to talk or join into a conversation automaticly change the subject to anything related to the teachings of The Beatles so the person has no choice as to walk away and be loner(Which is a bad thing) or join in the conversation submiting to the mighty power of the Beatles.

3. Simply avoiding and Discluding and ect the Person until they become Beatifucied.

4. Rape, forced sex, Physical Violence, Sexual punishment and threatning coments have also worked on many occasions (Forcing the Offender to listen to Ringo Star's Wonderful voice is also acceptable; Pinning the person down or tying them to a chair may be necessary).

Again, I must say how important Beatifucation is an that it is Completely necessary in all cases. After it is complete the person can be returned to its normal self and help to spread the ancient teachings of the Beatles.

*Use This Information Wisely and correctly*
Dan "Yeh, I heard that in the song "Let It Be" If you play the entire Song backwards it is actually Ringo star and Chuck Norris having an in depth Conversation about Xbox 360 vs PS3"
Marcus Omfg Are you guys seriously still talking about that shit band!
Mark "Oh,Hi there Marcus. Didnt see you there. What was that you were saying? Something about your lack of belief and oblivious mind?......Get the rope Dan"
* Dan Takes 100m long Rope from out of his pants*

Thus The Art of Beatifucation ¬__¬
by Candle Frost July 10, 2009
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