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The all out war between the two most advanced consoles to date. One of which is made by microsoft and the other made by their nemisis sony. Both consoles are great although many predict that the PS3 will outperform the Xbox 360. On the other hand the Xbox 360 is cheaper and has been released earliar. It's hard to tell which will be more popular although i personally will be on the side of PS3 purely because i already have a PS2 and i want to still be able to play my old games.
Xbox 360 fanboy: "So...have you heard of this whole 'Xbox 360 vs PS3' thing?"
PS3 fanboy: "Yep"
Xbox 360 fanboy: "I guess this means we're enemies now"
PS3 fanboy: "i suppose so"
Xbox 360 fanboy: "i'll get the duelling pistols"
by 90% Pure Gelatin January 06, 2006
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