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The organic lovechild of a 3-way between a Bear, a Shark and an Octopus. Has all the awesome traits of each animal in one crossbreeding superior being.
"My coworker quit smoking and she's acting like a Bearsharktopus today!"
by Cross Breading Junkie September 24, 2009
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The combination of a bear, shark and octopus. A science experiment gone wrong. It now lives in the forest/ocean thing. Likes to eat little boys and girls and use their bones as tooth picks. Then hangs their skin on trees as ornaments............. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE BEAR SHARKTOPUS!
little boy: gee, I just love the woods...
little girl: ikr... OH NO! ITS A BEAR SHARKTOPUS
little boy:NOOOOO!!!
by ddubs99 March 06, 2011
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