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(n.) A secret mode of transportation available only to bears. A bear using the bear warp will spin once on the spot and appear immediately at the location, however remote, that he or she has in mind as he or she turns to initiate the warp. Often, when there are people around, a life-like shadow image of the warping bear will persist in the location he or she has just left to make it seem the bear has not warped; this is to protect the secret of Bear Warping from people and other animals.

(v.) To use the Bear Warp system. Only bears can use it.
Example #1:

First Bear: "Hey there, friend. How are you getting to the Berries 'N' Honey festival tonight?"

Second Bear: "Hi! I won't be finished fishing for trout in the river for a while, so I guess I'll have to use the Bear Warp to get there on time."

Example #2

Little Bear: "Hey Mama Bear, what is that bear doing over there? It looks like he is sitting down, but there is no chair underneath him! Is he crazy?"

Mama Bear: "No, Little Bear! He probably just used the Bear Warp and is sitting in a seat wherever his Warp Destination is."
by talbear13 January 20, 2011
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