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an enormous mobile heap of apparantly reconstituted flesh, which still maintains a strong desire to interact socially despite having rejected the other common goals of humanity for a life of killing bears with their hands, suffering the obvious consequences facially. See also minger and swamp donkey
Just imagine mountain made of kebab meat which talks like Zelda off Terrahawks, smells like a septic tank and tries to sexually assault drunken men - Bear strangler
by Spookyoctopus March 04, 2008
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noun. A mild term of abuse used to describe a person (of either sex) whose physique, countenance and social skills combine in so terrifying a fashion as to suggest that their only hope of ever gaining sexual satisfaction would be to strangle a bear then rape the corpse.
"Hello" she boomed, in a voice that could easily be heard above the constant bass thump of the nightclub's, frankly illegal, sound system. I took one glance and turned to run. She was a Bear-strangler, and no amount of bronzy glitter tan was going to fool me into becoming her first human victim.
by Kaptin Kornflakes December 20, 2006
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