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1. Mythical island abundantly overflowing with bean plants and beans.

2. An ideal place or state; paradise; utopia. (Cf. Arcadia, Elysium)
"Beanland: Most blessed and splendiferous realm, bountifully over-endowed with bean plants of every size, shape and variety imaginable. Fields have no need of the plough, and all cultivation of beans by what few happy individuals live there is wholly inessential, as nature provides more than enough for their needs. Grass is utterly absent on account of all the bean plants, and habitants there live a hundred years or more"

Being a motor and railway enthusiast, Winston was practically in Beanland at the sight of all the old automobiles and steam engines in the museum
by Charlemagne1993 December 29, 2016
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a beanland is someone with a giant moon head.
comes from the latin danielus beanlandincuston.
by GazFtw October 24, 2008
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A beanland is a person with a fucking huge head which would be comparable to the moon or something of similar size or stature
-see that beanland?
-couldn't miss him, blocked out the sun for 9 minutes.
by GAZFTW October 29, 2008
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