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A word used typically to describe a person who is blinded by a solopsistic brand of naiveté to such a specification that he, or indeed she, believes themselves to be of far greater value than they in fact are. An erronous yet unforgivably arrogant and falsely egotistical state of self which is often met with the punishing distain of it's better-knowing observers.

Those who can be defined with this word often create spectacles of themselves to draw attention to the value they believe to exist there. Most of the time, even though often surrounded by a number of people who are foolishly taken in by their projections of self worth, such people have many unimpressed peers who find it difficult not to ridicule them frequently for being so egocentrically and mistakenly abhorrent in their pretentiousness.

The personification of fool's gold.
Spectator 1: "Yo, that white kid is fly, check out his bling and his rims and shit."

Spectator 2: "You're kidding right? That's one beamy motherfucker right there!"
by Jace Jackson August 05, 2008
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