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Beachinology is a science and an art form. It is the study of beaches and shores. In Beachinology, all factors are taken into consideration when deciding on the beach to reach the maximum Beachin experience possible. Classes that provide expertise in the subject matter are available at various Beachin Institutions. The texture and quality of the sand is vital to have proper comfort for the body while Beachin. The temperature of the ocean water(life) should be constantly measured and maintained in an acceptable range for optimal beachin. The tides must also be measured and tide activity should be monitored and updated constantly. Rip tides can interfere with proper beachin techniques and diminish the quality of a Beachin experience. The angle of the sun at every given time must also be known. It is the inalienable right of every beacher to have an optimal Beachin experience.
Guy 1: Yo we beachin today?

Guy 2: Yea but lets check the beachinology reports.

Girl 1: Beachinology, what an art.

Guy 2: Yo it seems like there is rip tide later at Beach 1. Lets hip up Beach 2 .

Guy 1: Yo the sand quality and tides are good at Beach 2.

Girl 2: Yo Beachinology!


Guy 1: Yo I want a degree in Beachinology.
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by Daytony500fan February 24, 2017
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