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When you're at the beach, and you just got out of the cold water. You're laying on the sand, and you try to get a show boner, but the cold causes it to be smaller than it should, and you probably shouldn't show it off.
What's up, ladies? Check out this half-mast beach dick I've got going. It's literally an inch, and a half, at best.
by Pikaderp August 06, 2015
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The very tan guy who looks like he has been working out maybe 5-6 years but its actually more like 10,DO NOT touch his plates,he wears a yankees shirt,hat and windbreaker pants everyday,he can be seen 4 feet from any mirror admiring the fact HIS CALF MUSCLES ARE FUCKIN BLOWIN UP BRO!!
Hey fatass,look at beach dick...his headphones are nice.
by JesseHawk November 22, 2006
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