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Refers to the white rubber boots worn by seafood (typically oyster) laborers in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. The boots are often very dirty, and worn with the pants tucked into them.
This is often a derogatory term used to jeer at those who are forced to wear them, mocking the "fashion" of the area.
His Bayou Reboks were so clean, it was obvious that he hadn't been in the business for too long.

"I look fly AND keep seafood waste off my feet with my Bayou Reboks."
by Levi W. March 05, 2008
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White rubber boots worn by members of the poor shrimping communities which are usually found in bayous and deltas. These boots can be bought in walmarts and garage sales in low income stinky ass neighborhoods.
Trey: Hey Scott I found some Bayou Reboks in the dumpster...
Scott:Cool lets give them to a homeless person because homeless people are the only ones that should have to wear these poor ass shoes.
by I'd Rush Limbaugh March 20, 2011
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