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Bay Ridge Brooklyn is the hottest spot to be in Bklyn on a Friday or Saturday night. A typical Friday night in Bay Ridge consists on at least 6 Vanilla dutches and you have to have the latest club exit cd to blast in your lexus when youre cruising 3rd avenue. When you go cruising you must remember the key elements to surviving in Bay Ridge: A pund of hair gel, a nextel and a pack of newports. After you cruise a little you may wanna hit up the Salty dog or Delias to waste an extreme amount of money on watered down drinks. After a night of drinking and hooking up with easy girls who have alot of money, you may want to head over to the bridgeview diner or the Tiffany diner for a some greasy diner food, and some crappy service from the miserable waiters. Saturday night theres nothing better to do than smoke your brains out thats where the vanilla dutches come in. The best place to do this is 68st cause theres noone there to see you.
by Doctor Jaz February 01, 2005
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