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An amazing Call of Duty player with great skill and intelligent strategies. The person is not only good at the so called video game, the person is also able to use his intelligence to master computer skills. He might be the most clever person to ever set foot on this world. You might see the person as a geek but behind the computer screen sits a handsome young man that knows how to get the girls and how to master a social life to become a top quality friend and be loved by his community. He's a friendly and sexy guy. You mostly notice this guy at the top of the scoreboard in Call of Duty or standing in the middle of a group of hot girls.
"That dude BawsA has swag"

"I wish I could rock those girls like a real BawsA"

"One day I might achieve the status of a BawsA"
by imZegoaatyakno September 23, 2013
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