A Runescapeprivate server that has become widely known as the best of its kind. It has held up to 350 players online at a time. It has an excellent pvp system that brings many users to play it. It also supports people who enjoy being a skiller. It has almost every skil added except for Agility, Firemaking, and Farming. The owner of the server is Palidino76.
Person 1: Hey do you still play dodian?
Person 2: Yeah its fun, 130 players or so online at a time.
Person 1: Dude fuck dodian, battlescape has over 200+ players online at a time!
Person 2: Your right, dodian is for faggots. :D
by -Tyrael- July 13, 2008
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A shitty server. Just go play Dodian.
Person 1: Wow Battlescape is shit. It's down all the time.

Person 2: It sure is, that's why I play Dodian it's up 24/7.
by Yarikk November 15, 2008
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