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Battle Cards is a popular tactical card game at Daramalan College, especially in years 11 & 12. The game was founded by Patrick Bent, in two player form.

The game involves players taking 11 cards from a regular deck (plus royalty) memorising and placing them face down, 3 rows 5 columns and destorying the opponents's royalty without losing their own. The royalty consists of 2 queens and 2 kings either red or black. The highest card is a jack followed by ace then king then 10 through to 2. The jokers are kamikase cards, but die when attacked, queens are similar however they remove the oppostiotn card when attacked. Queens also have the special ability when flipped to have a random card placed in front of them from the deck.

Turns consist of a player pointing to one of the cards in an exposed column then selecting one of the opponents exposed cards from a column. Both cards are flipped and the weaker card is removed from the field. If the cards are equal, the winner is decided by a rock off. The winner is the last person with any royalty left.

As popularity grew it was eventually turned into a 4 player free for all. Tom Bode is reported to have spawned a 2v2 version of the game however this is still in dispute as others have laid claims to this. As popularity for the game grew Patrick quickly turned it into a 6 player game, 2v2v2.
Pat: Hey man being playing any Battle Cards recently?

Tim: Yea man had an epic game at lunch with Charles, went down to a rock off between two kings!

Pat: Shit bro thats some close shit!
by Paddy B May 31, 2008
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