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1) Bathroom buddy can be a "thing" you bring to your bathroom to occupy your time while using the can.

2) A person that you only see when you go to the bathroom, meaning they go to the bathroom same time as you do when at work or at school.

3) A friend you bring along when you don't want to go into the bathroom alone.
1) "Every time I go to the bathroom, I bring my DS so that I can do something rather than read, while on the toilet."

2) A: "Great, Joel has to go to the bathroom. How much do you wanna bet that Adrian is going to be in there, too?"

B: "Well, that's not a fair bet, Adrian and Joel are practically bathroom buddies!"

3) A: "Hey, Adrian, can you tag along with me into the bathroom? I feel weird going into it alone in public."

B: "Uhh...So you need me as a bathroom buddy?"

A: "Yeah, if you don't mind."
by Soundoreo August 26, 2009
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Someone who works in your building, who you only see on visits to/from the restroom. You have no idea what their name is or what their specific job entails, so exchanges are limited to non-specific pleasantries (e.g. the weather or local sports teams).
A: "Did you see that douche in the paisley shirt today?"
B: "Oh yeah. He's my bathroom buddy. Our bladders are on the same schedule".
A: "You should've heard the fart he let out standing at the urinal"
by icklemickle May 19, 2008
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A tube from a roll of paper towels or toilet paper with dryer sheets rubber banded around the end. Used to blow marijuana smoke into so it doesn't smell. It just smells like dyer sheets :)
The bathroom buddy is used when you are smoking in your house and you dont want it to smell like smoke or weed.
by cheyenne anderson March 05, 2008
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