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Uncomplimentary nickname for Camilla Batmanghelidgh (pronounced bætmængelɪdʒ), people in the USA probably won’t gave heard of her, but she’s the weirdo hamplanet who set up a charity called Kids Company in the UK which closed amid allegations of misuse of funds and child abuse in 2015. Investigations showed that despite having had over £46 million of taxpayers’ money the charity’s financial arrangements were chaotic and considerable sums had been used for purposes outside the remit of the charity. When this came to light, Bat-faced Jelly went into damage limitation overdrive (she made Donald Trump look like an amateur). Unfortunately her idea of damage limitation seemed to be more along the lines of avoiding personal blame, apparently never having heard of the buck stops here. While the closure of the “charity” may have been regretted by some, the reaction of the vast majority was relief that the government wouldn’t hand over any more of their taxes to a bunch of wasters.
“Did you hear old Bat-faced Jelly in that radio interview?”
Yeah, no wonder she got so much money out of the Government, she can beat politicians at bullshitting!”
by AKACroatalin November 20, 2016
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