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Arguably the best wank you will ever have. Introducing the bat-fap, the new masturbation technique taking the world by storm.

A bat-fap is where you hang from the ceiling by your feet like a bat and proceed to flap your wings like a bat with screeching getting louder when closing in on a climax. Use your keen sonar abilities to aim your bat load onto the hoards of unsuspecting children below.

Batman mask and crotchless pants optional but highly recommended
"Hey man, have a fap last night?"

"Yea boss I had a bat-fap"

"Yea i heard you going to town, better of worn your mask"

"Amen to that. You think I'm some sort of boner boy"

"That reminds me my uncle achieved the most brutal bat-fap yesterday, got little jimmy right on the nose"
by Predominate June 10, 2015
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A bat fap is a type of male masturbation where you tie yourself to the ceiling of your bedroom and fap with a blindfold over your eyes. Every 30 seconds you let out a shriek for echolocation like a bat.
1. I had the best bat fap ever last night James.
2. I prefer it in my bathroom because I can shoot it into the toilet.
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by Soggy sack November 11, 2017
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The act of asphyxiating yourself while dressed as Batman while masturbating to have a better climax.
Friend 1: "Hey, why do you have a red mark on your neck?"

Friend 2: "I spent all day yesterday Batfapping."
by CrabappleSnapple October 19, 2013
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