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the gentle or intense nasuea that a person may recieve if he/she listens to heavy bass filled music (using earbuds or headphones at a high volume)
"jacob got soo bass sick the other day when we went to the club, I think he suffers from Bass sickness
by mr.antigeneric April 02, 2013
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When the drop hits so hard that you're just standing there like "HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT DROP THO!" usually happens when you're at a party/rave listening to dub step or trap
kat- "dude you okay man?"

steve-" i don't know man the drop in 'one minute (dotEXEs dopiest dope remix)'by krewella i think it gave me bass sickness!!"
by djdeejay June 28, 2014
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when you sit to close to a speaker at a party or concert the bass is so loud it causes nausea.

can be compared to sea sickness
I sat so close that loud speaker that the bass fuckin murdered my head, I think I have bass sickness nigga.
by NiggaOverDaHedge June 16, 2017
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