That group of basketball americans seems to be following us. Perhaps we should saunter over to the other side of the street posthaste, lest we provoke these fine upstanding urban fellows.
by cricketsteve July 15, 2012
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This is a very nice and tidy, proper pseudonym or slang word for the common slang-term negroid. It is for that which is also commonly called an African American. Sure, it is slightly "racist" (even though we are all the same race and species: Human ( HOMOSAPIEN ). This evolutionary nig is normally very skilled at basketball, and tall because his kneegrows.

This master of the art of throwing a big ball into a hoop, the McDonald's dollar menu assassinator. The game also known as blasketball or blacketball, and backetball. Word up to the homie GD folks up in here.
Stone cold boom wwf on all of them, for they will murder you at blacketball.

Kon - "Yo, we finna play blacksetball wit our utha homeboy G money folk Basketball American homeboys nigga ?

OG Bronson of Da Crips - "Fuck yeah, negroid. If we dun do dat den our kneegrows fo nuthin nigga . c u at da blacksetball court my nig . Gotta stretch deez knees out nahmsayin' money fo sho in the poophole
All those Basketball Americans over there hanging out are kind of scary. They may try to rob us, boys. Let us be proper white folk, we are. Cream of the crop, for our skin is cream colored, not poop colored.
by kawn February 13, 2019
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