on a basic
that’s on a basic monkey.
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A place where it's filled with uwu pick mes and overpriced cheese bread with 90% bread, 9% air and 1% cheese. Here you either pee in the nasty non-flushed toilets or pee just outside the school yard.
"Hey you go to San pedro college basic education department?"
"You're so cool."
by ilikemilo October 8, 2021
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The start of an extremely long and complex story.
Person 1: What did you say happen last night?
Person 2: So basically, at 2 am we decided to hook up with someone who turned out to be...
by ThatAsianMusician July 28, 2021
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To be on basic is to be a person who at first seems as a basic person, However as you get to know them you realize that they are very much the opposite

OMG, Jessica is so Un-basic, it annoys me. I am annoyed right now
by Cheese break name punch May 13, 2018
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