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Perhaps it's the freshmen that make the school ridiculous, wandering the hallways like they are the shit because all of a sudden they are in high school. They define themselves by dressing up on spirit days and looking completely lost on the busses. Then, the sophomores, who always think they are the shit because they aren't freshmen anymore. They finally learn how to dress and find a group of friends they fit in with, at least. Juniors, all the good ones are the ones that are trying to just get the fuck out. Although like half of the juniors are the type that OMG just cannot wait for SENIOR YEAR. i mean, come on, senior ditch day???!?? i wouldn't miss that for the world !! They are all retarded and immature, not realizing how much is ahead of them, and that they are wasting their time. And lastly, the seniors, who really in a way don't even matter. They are leaving, and all the drama is with the underclassmen. They are just taking it easy.

But you know what ? despite all that, it's not the students that fuck the school up as much as the staff. I mean, we can all deal with the students, we have been doing it for years. How is it reasonable to have about a hundred kids wait in a line to sign in for school when its doing so badly on testing ? What's the point of enforcing wearing IDs in school if you don't monitor who goes in and out of school AT ALL? What's the point of the stupid pep assemblies that everyone does their best to ditch? What is up with hiring track coaches as dance teachers ? You Wouldnt hire a dance teacher to teach history, would you ?

me: I can't wait to get out of bartlett high school. Im going to graduate early, I can't stand this school.
you: lyK3, why don't you want to graduate with all the seniors so you can walk?
me: ...
by bartletthawk01 ; D January 18, 2009
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