Equestrian sport that involves turning three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern in the fastest time possible. Alternatively, throwing money out the truck window and having a friend hit you in the shins with a metal pipe will give you the same thrill.
" Why do you compete in barrel racing?"
" Because I love having a bank account balance of $2.42."
by barrelchick6 March 24, 2017
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The greatest sport that was ever created. Predominantly for female, because males are sissies.
"Being a cowgirl is kind of like being perfect, just harder."
by ultimate_cowgirl September 21, 2004
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Barrel racing is a horse racing sport in which the rider guides the horse around a clover leaf pattern. For a left handed horse, You turn right around the 1st barrel, left around the second barrel, and left around the third barrel. For a right handed horse, you turn left around the normally second barrel, right around the normally 1st barrel and then right around the third barrel. You try to do this as fast as you possibly can.

At the more novice levels of this SPORT, the age groups are 6+under, 12+under, 13-17, adults, and 50+over.

And like most sports this can be done professionally. However, to do this as a pro, you have to be female. NO GUYZ ALOUD.
Professional barrel racing is one of the only sports that only women can participate in.
by leah June 19, 2006
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The greatest sport ever made on horse back, barrel racing is like attempting suicide
“I Love barrel racing, it’s extremely dangerous tho
by 💫🤧❤️ January 2, 2018
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the best sport ever played on horse back! usually by women bcuz we r smaller...
i participate in a sport called barrel racing every friday and sunday nights.
by barrelracing chic February 18, 2006
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