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A sailor was having trouble dealing with having no contact with women while at sea. He finally confided to a fellow sailor who showed him a barrel on the deck. "You can relieve yourself by putting your manhood in that hole." Much to his surprise, it helped. One day, his friend said, "Gee, you look happy. I guess that secret I told you is helping." "Oh, yes," said the sailor, "I am feeling quite relaxed." "Good thing," said his friend. "Tomorrow, it's your turn in the barrel."
"mick just recently got promoted and because he's the newest to an elite group he must do his time in the barrel until the next person is promoted! He is our Barrel Boy
by Warmonger_1 June 29, 2012
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A Barrel Boy is A A3G Tyson, A Person Who Comes On the Ausie Elite Gaming Teampseak
Barrel Boy Is A Joke A Man Went to an island And He Asked Where The Girls Be yo And The Guy Was All Leik We Bang barrels Brudda.
by iplowcowz221 March 09, 2013
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