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Someone who actively seeks out opportunities to be a douche to people he does not like rather then simply avoiding them and letting them go about their business. The Baron thinks that the people he dislikes simply don't have the right to exist in the same universe as they do and feel the need to point that out to them excessively. He will often perform his douchiest acts in secret so that no one else will know about his douchery.

He will sometimes tag the person he does not like in photos online with an insulting nickname, speak in code with others around the person he dislikes and will sometimes use status messages online that insult the disliked party ie "Saturday night and I'm goin out!... and get outta my way (insulting nickname)" or "HAPPY SNOW DAY! and get out of my way (insulting nickname)" The nickname will often be an OOOOOLD pop culture reference that only the disliked person will recognize.

This can go on, sometimes for YEARS after the disliked person has gotten fed up and started avoiding the Baron out of annoyance with his behavior.

The Baron will often be well liked among the people in his entourage but will begin acting douchey if one of them chooses to spend time with the disliked party.
ex 1. Disliked person : "Oh look, I have 50 emails from facebook saying that Baron Von Douchenstein has tagged me in my own photos as "Asshole" What a SHOCK!"

ex 2. Disliked person : "Oh look, Baron Von Douchenstein is out with so and so and also wants Urkel to get out of his way... That show was on, what 20 years ago? Isn't he dead?"
by February 03, 2011
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