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1. A girl who, through choice, won't let just anyone fall for her and doesn't give herself in any way, shape or form to just anyone (or at least, not while she's in high school). Quite a low-key character who doesn't dress to impress others.

1. An American CCM group consisting of 3 sisters, all of whom share the surname.... ummm.... Barlow. Written without a space between the words Barlow and Girl.

1.(n)A girl who won't even breathe in the general direction of a boy (Of course they're NEVER gay *rolls eyes*) no matter how much she likes him UNLESS SHE'S MARRIED OR ELSE SHE WILL GO TO HELL. Unhealthily obsessed with purity.

2. Used to describe an item of clothing that is considered either hideously dowdy and consevative or not revealing or trashy enough for one's tastes.
Wow, Barlow Girls are really rare these days. Good on her for not putting out or dressing like a slag.

NEUTRAL: BarlowGirl have a new album out called Love & War.

NEGATIVE 2:Mum: "Em, have a look at this" (This being - for example - a taupe-coloured shapeless dress with a cowl neck and long sleeves)
Me: "EURGH! That's the sort of thing a Barlow Girl woud wear!"
by _:_:_ November 22, 2009
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A girl that does not date. Can also be barlowguy/dude/chick/chicklette/boy etc.etc.
Oh, she's a barlowgirl. She doesn't date. I wonder why.
by Jessica January 05, 2005
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the coolest band ever of 3 sisters who do not conform 2 this dumb world at ALL. are real non conformist. one sister is becca barlow shes the oldest who has crazy guitar skillz, alyssa's the middle kid she plays bass and piano, sumtimes at the same time and she is short, lauren is the youngest who rocks at drums and likes puppies. they dont date...
BARLOWGIRL is a rad band, i love those 3 sisters, there so random
by iamdesandimawsome December 21, 2007
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