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Any evangelical, particularly of the Baptist faith, who advocates hatred of those who do not subscribe to the strictures of his or her own particular faith. Bapto-fascists are well known for being advocates of neoconservative platforms and frequently extol the benefits of gay-bashing and ethnic cleansing. Of course all of this nonsense is committed in the name of God and Jesus Christ.
The Reverend Tom Cangelo is a prime example of a Bapto-fascist; he hates anybody who doesn't vote Republican and thinks wiping out Muslims is a bad idea.
by Blenderhead1971 July 22, 2008
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(n.) A radical authoritarian ideology fusing (usually Southern) Baptist values with extreme right-wing politics. Baptofascists tend to be the sort of (white) folks who put the Rebel Battleflag on their pick-up truck, use the n-word frequently, and believe in the Rapture. They also mininimize women's role ("Cookin' and cleanin' and servin' their husbands every whim"), are vehemently homo-phobic, and aren't shy about approaching total strangers to ask them if they have yet to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. All true Baptofascists are registered Republican, of course. All are pro-second ammendment, against gay marriage, and anti-women's reproductive rights. Baptofascists frequently can be found within earshot of an AM radio spewing Rush Limbaugh's philosophy of hate or The Sean Hannity show. They do not, however, listen to Glenn Beck, because he is a Mormon. Mormons are in league with Satan, silly.
I'm more uncomfortable in these briefs than a Baptofascist at a Gay Pride parade.
by Blenderhead91 March 28, 2009
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