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Banshee ( A wailing spirt damned on this earth for eternity )
Finger ( a human abendede )

When giving pleasure to a women with your finger(s) untill she wails like a common Banshee.

This can also mean for males, however this is more difficult to achieve with males, (aka anal pleasure).

The Banshee Finger, done correctly will involentaryly make him or her squeal like a piggy.
Guy 1: Bro. Get this, i was with this chick last night and i totally gave her the Banshee Finger.

Guy 2: Dude, dont lie, you couldnt give a women the Banshee Finger even if you where stretch armstrong.

Guy 1: You're just jelly that i can make a girl wail
by Graceful666 October 17, 2011
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