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The BEST friend you will ever have, chill, funny, a little quirky and definitely an angel sent from the Gods. Everyone loves her because she's just that amazing. If you know a person named Bansari, she's probably the best thing that;s ever happened to you. She's probably Hobi biased too, so back off.
by LlamaLOVESYOU October 04, 2017
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A gift from the Gods to the mundane, trivial existence of human beings; after Jesus and Mohammed, Bansari is the last true mouthpiece of the One True God. She has the power to start cults by a swing of her hair, wars with just a smile, and torrid love affairs with her eye for good poetry. Suffice to say, if you come across one, she's probably the only one you'll meet across lifetimes, so hold on close.
"I met a Bansari a million lives ago. What I wouldn't give to find her right now, in this one."
by aghoraa December 17, 2019
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