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1) To get it on (have sex)

To have a bangshow, or sometimes used in the plural form, bangshows, is to have sex.
Guy 1: "What'd you do last night?"
Guy 2: "Beers, Bowling and Bangshows with my girl"
Guy 1: "You're a legend"
by thelegend42 February 10, 2009
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An absurdly loud, rambunctious party with high attendance. A party such as this is utterly unforgettable and typically only happens once every few years in a given city.
Mike: "Were you at the party last night? I couldn't make it."
Rico: "Bro, that's a shame. It was an absolute bangshow. The cops couldn't even get the music to turn down."
Mike: "Man, a party like that is once in a lifetime."
by Kangar17 August 26, 2018
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